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Tamara Long graduated from McGill University’s School of Communication Sciences and Disorders with the experience of having treated children and adults who stutter at the American Institute of Stuttering in New York City. While there, she worked with clients in both the intensive group format and individually. Subsequently, she worked at the Mackay Rehabilitation Center in Montreal. She evaluated and treated children aged 18 months to nine years of age who presented with a large variety of communication disorders including: expressive and receptive language delays and disorders, SLI/dysphasia, articulation and phonological disorders, stuttering, motor speech disorders, children who had suffered strokes, children with various syndromes and children who presented with global developmental delay. Recently, Tamara had been practicing privately in Montreal.

Tamara has specific training in the Lidcombe Programme for treating stuttering in children and in the DIR/Floortime Approach to Play Therapy, widely used with children whose language skills are underdeveloped and children diagnosed with autism and related disorders. As well, she is very interested in the assessment and treatment of motor speech disorders and has attended training on applying the principles of motor learning to the treatment of developmental apraxia of speech.


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