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When should I be concerned about my child’s speech and language development?

Age two:

  • Child does not yet produce two-word sentences, i.e. “want juice”
  • Does not understand simple directions
Age three:

  • Child does not ask questions
  • Does not produce short sentences
  • Does not answer simple questions
  • Words are not clearly spoken
  • Gives the impression that he/she is struggling to talk

Age four:

  • Child’s speech is not easily understood by listeners

School age:

  • Child still uses incomplete sentences or sentences with grammatical errors
  • Has difficulty following directions
  • Experiences difficulty communicating with friends
If at anytime your child has been stuttering for more than 4-6 months.
If any of the above is applicable to your child, do not hesitate to contact a speech-language pathologist. Early detection is vital!


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